How it all started…

Just a few months ago, the company I worked for went bust. Hey, that’s a marvelous first sentence, innit? Totally in-line with my decision to be positive, think positive, say and write only positive things. Oh, well… you have to start somewhere.

Anyway, there I was with no job, no money, no future. And? What do people do when they’re out of job, out of luck? Start a blog, of course! 🙂

Ok, you might be asking now: how’s starting a blog going to help? Well, it’s actually really easy, I have this brilliant, unique, bulletproof business concept all worked out:

1. start blogging

2. content attracts visitors

3. become “Internet famous”

4. since the blog is famous, it gets even more visitors

5. activate all affiliate marketing links, banners and what not and that’s it! Lean back, relax and count the money.

Oh, and do a seminar or two each year on blogging-related topics. Maybe start selling some blog-branded T-shirts… How cool is that?