Smoking kills

Cigarettes stink!
Cigarettes stink!

My ex band mate’s wife died the other day. Lung cancer. Boy, did I cry when I got the news. She was such a good person, helped me and my wife when we needed it back in the day. I was totally shocked, didn’t even want to realize what I just heard. 

As I said – a wonderful person but also a chain smoker. You would never see her without a cigarette. So sad. Why do people do this to themselves? Why do people smoke this stinking poison?? 

She was diagnosed with lung cancer towards the end of 2017. Her family and friends have done everything to save her, tried several therapies but to no avail. 

Is smoking a form of masochism? Because, what other mechanism makes a healthy, intelligent person reach for the cigarette?

Quit smoking, dudes and dudettes! 

It gives you nothing and takes away everything! 

Need help quitting smoking? Just watch “Quitters, Inc.” in Stephen King’s movie Cat’s Eye (1985).


p.s. one more thing: cigs stink like hell. Don’t believe me? Do this: stick your nose in the next ashtray full of cigarette buds and take a deeeeeep breath through your nose. Breathe in through your nose as deep as you can. Ok, now – if you really did this, no need to reply to me or this blog post, because the answer is written all over your face: cigarettes stink like hell!

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