Taekwondo and the “Secret”

I haven’t been attending Taekwondo training for almost a year now. Reached the blue belt and… paused. I just had to stop for some time because of my knee problems. I guess I was too heavy  (ca. 106 kg at that time) and my knees were simply not able to carry all that weight. Specially with all the spinning, kicking and jumping around.

Since approx. end of June I’m down to ca. 96 kg and my knees practically don’t hurt anymore. Naturally, I started thinking of continuing my “Do”. But, you know how we procrastinators are: today I cannot go because of … [insert literally anything here]. Rain was forecasted for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I’ll have to … [again, insert any excuse here].

The issue is – Taekwondo black belt is one of the items on my life goals list. And I’m really commited to achieving all of the goals on that list during this lifetime.

Taekwondo – kihap (기합)

Now, believe it or not – but yesterday morning my instructor texted me to remind me of the afternoon trainig session. Ok, perhaps this doesn’t sound like much of a surprise. Only, I haven’t heard from him for months! And now – out of nowhere – I’m getting a message with an invitation for the training. Call me crazy or desparate or whatever, but I really believe in “The Secret”. I believe that whatever goal you have – you can achieve it. You just have to know what you want, why you want it and you have to take meaningful and targeted action towards achieving your goal.  And should it ever happen that you procrastinated and neglected your goal – you’d get a wake-up call like I did.

I also believe that during our lifetime, we encounter such people that seem to help us achieve our goals. On the other hand, we also encounter such people who seem to hinder us from achieving our goals. The funny thing is  – more often than not we only realise which are which after many, many years…

Of course I attended yesterday’s training session (and fell asleep from exhaustion the moment I came home :-). I even promissed to show up next monday. Because – by summer 2019 I’m planning on passing the red belt test and by Christmas 2020 I’ll be a black belt holder.

How about you guys and gals? Do you believe in “The Secret / Law of attraction”? Do you have a list of your life goals?