Two full weeks without sweets!

Hey there folks,

I made it!


No sweets for two weeks!

It wasn’t even that hard. I had practically no cravings, except on two occasions: last week, when my wife baked an apple pie and yesterday, when a colleague of mine opened a fresh box of soft cakes (my favourites). 

BTW, here’s what I count among sweets: 

  • Any kind of candy
  • Any kind of cakes
  • Any kind of biscuits or cookies
  • Any kind of (sweet) pastry 
  • Any kind of ice cream
  • Any kind of fruit yoghurt
  • Any kind of dried fruit (figs, dates…)
  • Honey, agave or maple etc. syrup
  • Or any other food that has more than ca. 6g of sugar per 100g

I normally eat fresh fruit very rarely if at all (instead I really enjoy eating vegetables), but if we include an apple or a banana in the above list – oh, well – then I failed miserably. I ate an apple AND a banana this week. Hm… 

Obviously, I haven’t simply decided to stop eating sweets out of nothing. The true reason is – I want my (long gone 🙂 six-pack back!

I mean, if someone has managed to quit smoking, stopped drinking alcohol, doesn’t drink any coffee and doesn’t eat any bread for years AND now also says goodbye to the sweets – getting back a six-pack shouldn’t be a ‘mission impossible’ now, should it? 

Next milestone: one full month without sweets! 

Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted!

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