Arrived in Bangkok!

Yes, I know – I haven’t been writing since October 2018. This is due to techn… nah, this time I’ll tell it like it is: nothing blog-worthy has happened to me since. I lost ca. 10 kg, lost my job, did a roadtrip around Asia, thrown a big mid-life party and… I’m telling ya – nothing really… I mean, who in the world would blog about such boring things?

Ok, but now I decided not to be lazy anymore and update this blog regularly. So here you go:

I arrived to Bangkok yesterday. What a beautiful city! To me personally, it feels like a mixture of Saigon and Taipei. And I’m loving it!

My hostel is located near Khao San Rd. / Democracy monument, so I took the bus S1 from the airport to Khao San bus stop. It took some 50 minutes and the ticket costs 60 baht (that’s approx 1,7 EUR).

The History Hostel

The History Hostel was easy to find in a side street of Dinso Alley. I was greeted by an extremely nice lady at the front desk. She immediately found my online booking and after I paid for the next 5 nights, she showed me the room. Really cozy and clean 4 bed dorm (although currently I’m alone in the room). AC works like a charm and the bed is very comfy and clean!

First ever Eurowings and low cost long haul flight

I managed to get some sleep on the plane (I had the whole 29th row for myself, so I laid accross four seats). BTW, this was my first Eurowings and my first long-haul low cost experience! I booked the cheapest ticket for ca. 200 EUR one-way (no food, no seat pre-reservation, no in-flight entertainment). Mostly a nice experience, specially considering the fare. While boarding, me being a smartie, I grabbed one of the blankets from the overhead bin and took it with me to my seat. And there he came, the cabin attendant, yelling after me: “folks in the front rows have paid for these blankets, you cannot simply take one like that!” He was so loud, other passengers already started turning to see what was going on. Oh, well. I decided not to buy the bloody blanket for 6 EUR as he offered. The rest of the flight went just fine. In the morning, before landing, they even served some complementary drinks. So I had a cup of black tea.

Train ticket to Penang / George Town

Ok, back to Bangkok… My plan was to buy the train ticket to Penang / George Town for Monday, 20th May. So I walked to Bangkok Hua Lamphong train station to get this done already the first day. In various Internet forums and blogs they say that you can take your time with buying the ticket, but I figured I better get this off my to-do list…

The lady at the ticket desk spoke very good english and after typing in the date in her booking system, she turned the monitor towards me and said: booked out! What? How can this be? Ok, “I’ll take first class”, I said. “Mister”, she replied, “this train is booked out”. Oh well, that’s my luck 😊. So I bought the last 2nd class ticket for 19th May…

Dudes and dudettes, sorry, but I’ll have to continue writting tomorrow. I need to sleep now. Today I made 32.991 steps according to my iPhone’s Health app (~20 km). And in the evening I worked out at the outdoor gym in the nearby Rommaninat park. So I’m quite tired now.

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