Papa’s got a brand new job!

Hey dudes & dudettes, today was my first day in my new job! Woke up real early today, got on one of those early morning subway trains and in no time (ca. one hour 😀) I reached my new workplace. Oh, boy. Yep, I was excited. The moment I entered the building, I was greeted by the the two ladies at the reception. And then one of them handed me a flower. A “welcome flower”. How neat is that, ha?

Shortly after, my new boss came and wished me a warm welcome, too. And gave me a big hug. And then she showed me to my new desk. A laptop, monitor and phone were already set up and waiting for me to log in.

In the afternoon we had an introductory training (software, processes, etc.) and after that I left the office, took a loooong walk to the subway station and while strolling down the streets of Kreuzberg, in my head I forged plans for the near future.

New life begins, dudes and dudettes. A brand new life… 😀

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