Adding a good deed to my “Karma account“

Today I went to see the dentist because my beautiful, super expensive full ceramic crown broke in two. Oh, man. But, never mind. That’s life. I’ll get a new one. My mother always says: “problems that you can solve with just a handful of money are in fact no real problems”.

On my way back from the dentist, just a few blocks down the street, I witnessed the following scene: a delivery guy left some big and heavy looking boxes on a pallet right in front of the house entrance where a young woman stood and shook her head in dispair: “how am I going to carry this upstairs, mister?” But mister delivery guy didn’t say a word. Shoulder shrug was his only gesture which signalized that he understands the situation.

I was passing by exactly at the moment when the young lady started getting really upset. So I went back a few steps and asked her: “can I help you carry those boxes upstairs?” And she reacted as if she couldn’t believe her ears: “would you? Really?” Of course woman, otherwise I wouldn’t have offered my help… So we carried the boxes upstairs and when we finished she said: “thank you! Thank you so much! How can I repay you?”

And I thought to myself: “you already did, my dear. You gave me the opportunity to add a good deed to my Karma account.”

The power of giving is so strong. Being in the position to help someone feels so good…

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