5th day without sugar

Again I’m tying to quit eating sweets…

Yesterday I found my diary from 2016 and guess what: I’m trying to get rid of this horrible sugar addiction for years now. It’s all logged it in that diary.

Apparently, I do manage to motivate myself to start changing this stupid habbit but I fail before the addiction is completely gone, so each time I relapse and start eating sugary food again.

The worst of all – it’s totally clear to me that eating sweets is bad for my teeth, I’m aware that I’m overweight as a direct consequence of sugar consumption and in the long run, cancer cells love sugar and I definitely don’t want to be diagnosed with cancer…

This time I’m trying to quit with a help od hypnosis (self hypnosis/ Youtube video). I really hope it will help change my diet for good. So far I’ve been sugar free for five consecutive days already, so… whooho! 👍😀

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