A few random thoughts of a sugar-free and gluten-free semi-vegan

If you try to eat only plant based food and reduce sugar and flour all at the same time – your’re doomed. As a (semi-)vegan I don’t consume dairy products anyway and since ca. one week I stopped eating sugar and bread/pastry and… it’s hard. The hardest part is finding products without added sugar.

Sugar is everywhere. Literally, they add it to all kinds of products. Even where you’d least expect it. Try for example to buy a can of peas. Just standard (pre-cooked) green peas. Ingredients: peas, water, sugar, salt. WTF? Ok, I understand, sugar is cheap. Salt is cheap, too. But WTF anyway?

I was so happy when I found cornichons in a jar which have “only“ 4,2% sugar per 100g. Why was I so happy? Well because I love eating them but regular cornichons in a jar contain anywhere between 7% and 14% sugar (honey cornichons). Oh, man. Those are mini gherkin cucumbers, they should contain +/- 0% sugar. And not compete with Coca Cola…

And in addition, it’s a mistery to me how real vegans get enough protein? My muscles are literally melting. Today I ate 500g of kidney beans and a full bowl of soaked chia seeds in order to try and help my muscles recover a bit. But still I feel that’s not enough. I currently weigh 100 kg, therefore I need 70-200g of protein per day. I abandoned the idea with 200g of protein per day already long ago. It’s just not realistic… So I’m trying to get at least 0,7 g per kg of body weight (which in my case means 70g of protein). And even that seems like mission impossible. That’s why I do eat an egg or two from time to time. I know, consuming eggs is not very vegan. That’s where my semi-veganism comes really handy. 😊

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