Addicted to protein bars

Protein bars – my staple food

Dudes and dudettes, I’m addicted to protein bars. And then some. I’ve been locked in this Covid-19 home-quarantine of mine for so many days already, so naturally at some point I ran out of protein bars… And that’s a big problem. Uhm. Yep. It is.

So I had to order another big batch online, via Amzn. You know I adore Amzn and I even co-owned this company for a while (I mean the one single share which I bought and then sold prematurely 😊). But this time they failed miserably. Instead of the promissed overnight delivery, I received an email which says: “…cannot be delivered…” WTF? Where is this world heading to, if even Amzn overnight delivery is not functioning properly. Oh, man. Anyways…

Today, when the door bell rang, I ran to open the door. Hm. Oh, well… It was a delivery all right, but the parcel was for the neighbour who was not at home at the moment. Duh.

Few hours later – the door bell rang again and for the moment I felt how saliva almost spilled over my bottom lip… I ran to the door. Yep. Delivery. For me. Oh, boy. I ripped the box open and I probably ate 5 or 6 of those protein bars. At the very least. 😳 Binge eating protein bars. How crazy is that? I mean, I do want to have that Spiderman physique, but I guess soon I could be leaving the quarantine looking more like Hulk…

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