Today I woke up around 6 AM, free as a bird. My quarantine days are over – yesterday was the last day. Quickly got up, put on my clothes and went out for a walk in this beautiful sunny morning. Took a breath of the early morning Berliner air… What a feeling! Indescribable.


Freedom is so precious, dudes and dudettes. Most of us don’t even realise this and most people take it for granted, along with good health, clean food and running water.

My foundation: alive, healthy and free. Everything else comes on top. Of course, each of us decides for themselves how many storeys they wish to build on top of the foundation and how they wish to build it: having a family, being rich, being famous, being spiritual, being the best mathematician in the world, having the best looking athletic body, etc…

So, sorry Janis, I love your music but this time I prefer to put it the other way around: Freedom’s not another word for “nothing left to lose” but “from here you start to gain”.

Be thankful, my friends. Appreciate what you already have!

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