Successfully traded Tesla stock today

Guys and gals!! Good news! Today I traded Tesla (stock) and I earned… now check this out… are you ready? Here it comes… at least 40 euros! Bam. πŸ’Ά. Yeah, baby. That’s four times 10 EUR, y’all! Wow. Such a great feeling, hard to describe. Another 50-60 such trades and I’m back in the game. Haha. Ok, enough of that irony. Irony is a poison anyway… forget about it…

Wait, don’t forget it yet. Let me brag a bit more. Yesterday they announced that Tesla Inc. will be accepted to S&P500 next month, so I bought a few shares. And, as predicted (by literally everyone in the financial world), Tesla shares went up, up, up.

Only, for me it went like: “up, up, ok, sell!”

I closed the position at 384 EUR (hm… “closed the position“; yeah, right, as if I was in a couple of million, haha 😊). Anyways, this is what todays Tesla Inc. chart looked like at the end of the day:

Tesla Inc. stock chart on November 18th, 2020

See that flat-ish line around 10:48 AM? Yeah… Well, that’s when I sold my shares. Because, you know… you never know in the stock market… it can go up or fall down the very next moment. I could have earned a few hundred EUR instead a few dozen, had I played it differently. Lesson learned: leaving too early can be just as bad as cumming too early…

But… since my FOMO move last time, I’ve reflected a lot on how I went nuts on that last trade a few days ago and also read a lot about (trading) psychology in the meantime. Check this out: there seems to be a cure for FOMO! It’s called JOMO, which stands for “Joy of missing out”. No kidding! Essentially, you’re supposed to train yourself to be happy when you’re NOT participating in a trade (or other activity).

Oh well… as they say: “sometimes you lose and sometimes the others win”.

Nah, that was silly… 😊

On a more serious note, this situation reminded me of the Buddhist concept of “mudita” which means feeling sympathetic joy, joy for the success of others. So, yeah… after I exited the game at 384 EUR, I was still checking the chart from time to time, questioning my today’s reasoning / trading strategy and also feeling happy for those dudes and dudettes who stayed invested as the share price went up.

I mean, I don’t lose anything if other investors win. So, nothing prevents me from feeling happy for them. It’s a strange, uncommon feeling, really.

I hope, some day soon, I’ll be the one whose stocks are going up, up, up… πŸ“ˆ and some capitalist empath out there will be rejoicing my success… πŸ˜‡

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