Honesty, oneness and total happiness

When I tell someone some snippet of my life story and they go: “oh, thank you so much for your openness and honesty” or “oh, wow, I appreciate your honesty” I immediately think of two things:

1. I either overloaded the poor person with too much information they didn’t need or cannot / don’t want to deal with (ups, sorry 🥴) or…

2. That person hasn’t yet experienced the beautiful feeling of oneness with the universal energy (call it God if you want, Jesus, Buddha or whatever… or destiny).

You see, when you start letting go, opening up and becoming one with the universe, there seems to be no other way to communicate but through absolute honesty. There is no point in hiding anything from yourself or others because… you are the universe.

…or at least that’s the feeling I’m getting from time to time (and it keeps coming more often recently). 💫

It only gets stupid when you feel the need to communicate this way in ‘real life’ situations, with ‘real life’ people. Because… when you open up and let your guard down, you become vulnerable. Very vulnerable. Obviously, because you deactivated all your shields and all protection mechanisms in order to become one with the… ah, you know.

So, sometimes some people will try to take advantage of you (see you as a fool perhaps, or…), some will simply be confused, for they’re not at all used to this kind of communication… and then there are those who will understand you and try to glide along with you… you know, like two sailplanes gliding next to each other accross the skies on a beautiful sunny day. Each in their own space but gliding and enjoying that feeling together…

Now, if all of this sounds like a bunch of crap written by some random cuckoo on the Internet – I’m guessing you probably haven’t experienced this feeling of oneness and total happiness yet. Because if you did, you would be coming back for more… and then some…

No, but seriously, tell me… have you? Please comment below.

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