Midlife gap year

I need a break. Yep. Auszeit, as locals would say. You know, just disappear from the face of the Earth for some time. Get my sh!t together, reorganise, review my life goals… call me sissy, I don’t care. I just don’t feel like sparring with office-chair cowboys and corporate elbow fighters anymore.

Ok, life outside corporate environment is for sure not easier… specially without a job or better yet “regular monthly income” (doesn’t need to be a 9-5 job). But… as I said – I feel like I need a break.

So what do regular gurus do when they feel like taking some time off? Well, Osho would probably make himself comfortable in one of his diamond-studded Rolls Royces and tell his bodyguard driver in his calm, soothing voice: “Take me to the place where I can be one with myself”.

I imagine this poor driver first looking at Osho through the rear view mirror hoping for further instructions. But when he’d notice that Osho is just absently staring at some far away point through the heavy, tinted window, the driver would turn his head around in despair and say: “But sir, you know that the place where you will become one with yourself and the whole universe lies… within…”

Osho would then suddenly rouse from this meditative state and give the driver that wild-eyed look, saying: “Dude, who’s the guru here? Just drive. Please.” and finish this sentence with a guruish smile…

Sadhguru, on the other hand, would probably jump on one of his Harleys and drive away alone into the wilderness (accompanied by a video crew of 20 people)…

And what do New Life Gurus do in such situations? Hm… you know what I did? I fired up my computer and typed in Google: “Take a break and travel the world”.

And guess what appeared among the first five search results? “taking a midlife gap year”. How in the world does Google know that I’m a midlife person?? Ok, ok… never mind. Stupid question. Google knows everything.

So I learned that I’m 1. obviously not alone in this ( which is obvious, since there’s even a thing called ‘midlife gap year’) and 2. I totally want to do this. It’s only that… fcuking ‘rona is not exactly helping… I’ll probably have to wait until it’s over. Bill said that he hopes for the world to be ‘completely back to normal’ by the end of 2022. Whatever the ‘normal’ will be by then…

Ok, so – I’ll just save up a bit of $€Β₯, get ready and … off we go! πŸ›«

This Belgian couple did just that: midlifetrip.blog Very cool. β˜€οΈπŸ‘

Let me know if you wanna join me! πŸ€— Let’s travel the world together 🌎

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