Coffein-junkie again…

I started drinking coffee again. Unfortunately. “Why unfortunately?” I hear some imaginary avatar asking. “Coffee is good and healthy.” Yes, perhaps for some people it is. For me, coffee is poison. I feel jittery, irritable, cannot sleep in the evening, cannot get up in the morning… it affects me in a really bad way.

“Ok, so why don’t you stop drinking coffee, then?” Uh… would that it were so simple ☺️ I have such an addictive physiology (brain-body etc.). When I start some habit – I usually go all in. I cannot eg. smoke one cigarette. Or drink one glass of wine. Nope. All or nothing.

I guess I’ll just have to go through another round of abstinence sindroms and quit coffee again 🤷🏻‍♂️

Holding a mirror to others

This is going to be one of those micro-posts I promised…

These days, the idea of holding a mirror to others occupies my mind. It’s so easy, isn’t it? Holding a mirror to someone else. Bringing up what they were hiding from themselves (and probably projecting a good part of our own thoughts & beliefs onto that someone in the process).

This magnificent idea came to my mind (I know, I know… “magnificent idea” sounds a bit like megalomania, haha 😅):

Each time we hold a mirror to others, we in fact turn the backside of the mirror towards us. And the back side is not reflective… it’s easy to poke around other people’s wounds. And so much more difficult and painful for us to do it to ourselves… takes significantly more courage 🙌

Ok, that’s it for now. C U on TikTok or Insta: @newlifeguru 🤗 I uploaded new cover songs (ya know, all that heartbreaking crooner love ballads 🎶❤️…). Have a good one! Bye!

Busking in the U-Bahn…

Yesterday I had a longer saxophone practice session. It’s Easter-time, so everybody’s out of town, it seems. The woman who booked a slot on Fridays, right after my practice slot – didn’t show up. So I stayed longer and instead of the usual 2-hour session, I practiced for three hours straight.

Here’s the plan: I need a nice repertoire of songs which are 1. relatively easy to play (for me, at my current stage of soprano-sax musicianship) 2. sound relatively good without accompaniment and 3. are relatively famous and recognisable by a broad audience.

So far I got following songs on my list: “What a wonderful world”, “Somewhere over the rainbow”, “Strangers in the night”, “Love me tender”, “Michelle”, “Yesterday”, “Feelings” and “Killing me softly”. Ok, I wrote down “Lonely shepherd” as well, but… nah, I’ll skip it for now, until my articulation and air support and vibrato technique get better.

After 3 hours of practice in the practice room, I spontaneously decided to busk in the hallway of a nearby metro station (and test my current repertoire). So I found a nice spot, put the saxophone case on the floor, assembled the sax and started playing “Strangers in the night” 🎶 (the easiest of all, with the least chance of screwing up the melody, squeaking etc.). What a sound! That hallway-reverb is so awesome! This is probably what it would sound like if Frank Sinatra played saxophone 🎷

Yep, busking still feels a bit like begging. I even googled this and there are soooooo many discussions on this topic. Fact is – busking is not begging. But it can be seen as such. It depends, haha 😅

After only a minute or two, some dressed up dude, who looked like he was running late for some fancy date, dropped a fiver in the empty case. “Aw, man. Thank you so much!” I kept playing and subway trains kept rolling in and out… many, many people passed by… some old German lady dropped a coin in the case and asked: “Wo kommen Sie her? Ehm… Where are you from? Hungary? Romania?” And she continued, without giving me a chance to answer: “Können Sie hier arbeiten? Can you find a job here?” And I thought to myself: oh, lady, c’mon – let’s see if we can have all the clichés in less than ten seconds, shall we? And my playing couldn’t have been thaaaat awful, could it?!

After 20 minutes or so, a girl in her twenties stopped for a second, listened and commented: “So beautiful!” Oh, yes! Thank you, young lady! That’s all the confirmation I needed. Ok, and the two, three passer-bys who whistled along “Strangers in the night…” 🎶 haha. Awesome!