Holding a mirror to others

This is going to be one of those micro-posts I promised…

These days, the idea of holding a mirror to others occupies my mind. It’s so easy, isn’t it? Holding a mirror to someone else. Bringing up what they were hiding from themselves (and probably projecting a good part of our own thoughts & beliefs onto that someone in the process).

This magnificent idea came to my mind (I know, I know… “magnificent idea” sounds a bit like megalomania, haha 😅):

Each time we hold a mirror to others, we in fact turn the backside of the mirror towards us. And the back side is not reflective… it’s easy to poke around other people’s wounds. And so much more difficult and painful for us to do it to ourselves… takes significantly more courage 🙌

Ok, that’s it for now. C U on TikTok or Insta: @newlifeguru 🤗 I uploaded new cover songs (ya know, all that heartbreaking crooner love ballads 🎶❤️…). Have a good one! Bye!

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