I don’t fit here

In my desperate search for a partner who I would be writing and producing music with… I enrolled a songwriting course. And it’s an awesome course, great teacher, some really talented attendees… ok, some of the topics are perhaps too advanced for total beginners and I don’t feel like re-learning corcle of fifths, so it’s kinda far from a 100% fit. And obviously I was not only hoping to find my personal /McCartney but also learn some songwriting skills…

But guess what – I so effin don’t vibe with them. Or… no, let me put it this way: I feel my ‘dynamic personality’ (read: ADHD) is disturbing the flow in the classroom. I fall into other people’s words, people don’t understand me when I try to say something (this could also be due to my foreign accent, of course), I’m coming up with wrong examples at wrong moments etc.

And… just like my job – I quit already, just didn’t let them know yet 🤷🏻‍♂️ (my job I silently quit last Monday. F all that. Life is too short to do things we are not made for…)

Oh, yeah, and… regarding my being a stranger in a strange land… I’m so ready to move on. Leave Deutschland den Deutschen. As Nissim (Yosef Shiloach) says in The House on Chelouche Street:

“…because it’s a big world, Sami, and life is short…“

There is so much to see. So much I still haven’t seen. And the time is ticking away…

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