Predicting the future

Heh. After giving you this catchy, click-bait-ish promise in the title, I guess I’ll have to deliver, at least to some extent…

Since I became one of the major players in the world of the stock market investment by owning that one famous Amazon share, I seriously started thinking about ways to predict the future. You know, get even better at being an investor. What will our future look like, what are the new, emerging technologies that today either don’t yet exist or are still in their infancy?

Folks, before we move on – this blog post (like the majority of my other blog posts) is meant to be half serious and inspiring, half ironic and half amusing and somewhat fun to read. Oh, and BTW, this “what’s our future going to be like?” question comes from a guy who actually bought a pager in late 1998 or early 1999. Yep. Not a cell phone. No. Not an Iridium Satellite phone. No. A bloody pager. So, you know, just managing expectations… 😀 In case you don’t remember: over time, pager business was practically abandoned, as nearly everybody switched to cell phones. Oh well, let’s continue…

Back to our topic – “predicting the future”. In terms of investing even more money (I mean besides the aforementioned Amazon share) I had to first understand what awaits us in the near future. Flying cars? 3D printing in every household? 5G networks with IoT and self driving cars? So I did some research. And even more research. And I started interviewing people. Huh. I’m not done yet, but this is what I came up so far…

Linear vs. Exponential development in the future

The newly appointed CEO in the company where I was last employed had invited all the employees for a town hall meeting. After a short introduction, instead of showing us all the usual slides with YOY performance figures and the usual fugazi, his first few slides were on the topic of company’s future (and) transformation. He went on saying how majority of the population tends to think about the future in linear terms while the development curve is actually exponential! Crazy discrepancy there. I really loved his presentation.

As an illustration (and probably he was trying to be funny as well), on the next slide he had Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft), laughing at the idea of Apple’s recently presented iPhone. Quickly he moved to the next slide, showing the same Steve Ballmer, this time making a thoroughly confused face, with a huge question mark above his head and “WTF?” written all over the slide. Yep. That’s what happens when you’re neglecting future trends… All of the sudden, you serve as a bad example, being inserted into some dude’s Power Point presentation, featuring your funniest face ever and “WTF?” written above your head.

I mean – don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind being in Steve Ballmer’s shoes at any moment in the recent past. At least not from the business/financial side. He’s obviously doing a great job (save for the haircut; D. Trump and Kim Jong seem to be doing a much better job in this department). It’s just that, I want to be able to predict the future the way Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs (and his team), Isaac Asimov et al. did. But how? How did they do that? Lie in bed every evening and try to “visualise” the future? Like, right before or immediately after doing their Astral projections…?

If you have any idea on functioning ways of predicting the future, please contact me! (sharing this knowlege is gonna do really good for your karma, so don’t miss out. And I promise we’ll share the profits! Hey, c’mon! You also get to keep the babes! C’mon, man…)

How I became an investor…

Oh, man. These days I feel so important. You know, becoming an investor is not only a great privilege, it’s also a great responsibility. I mean, ask Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Mark Cuban or George Soros or any other famous stock market name how they felt first time they became investors… 😉

Typical investment trend line, as all of us investors like to imagine it…

I got this idea from my uncle a few months ago. Last year sometime, around X-Mas time I believe, we were discussing the topic of what one could do with an extra few thousand euros. Start a business? Invest? I came up with using the money as a downpayment to buy a small flat (to rent). But, the times when Berlin was a real estate investor’s paradise are long gone and the only option left was the stock market, according to my uncle.

So I started playing with this idea and boy was I lucky – this time it actually turned out good for me that I’m a world class procrastinator thinker and thorough evaluator with a proven track record. Just imagine me investing back in December 2019 in all kinds of stocks and enterprises… and then a few months later there comes bloody COVID-19 crises and takes away half of the investment. Puh… luckily that didn’t happen.

Towards the end of March 2020 I decided to give it a try. You know, buy a few stocks to get my feet wet. I opened a virtual portfolio in my online banking account and started adding stocks: Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Colgate-Palmolive, McDonalds, Netflix, PayPal, Coca Cola, Tesla, Starbucks… like a kid in the candy store. I added anything and everything I could think of at that moment and I ended up with some 50-60k worth of stocks. It’s virtual money anyway, so I let my immagination run wild. This was approx. end of March or very beginning of April 2020. Markets have hit the bottom between 12th and 23rd March, after a short recovery and subsequent correction (“correction” is what they call when your investment incurs a serious loss).

Before I could actually go crazy buying stocks for real money, I had to learn all about what is the bid price, what is the ask price, types of orders, order options, limits, who to listen to, what stocks to buy… oh, man. There is so much to learn. Not not mention all those metrics and definitions such as Price-to-Earnings, Debt-to-Equity et al. I’ll be honest with you – I’m still learning.

My first actual purchase: Inc. Bam! Just over 2.000 euros worth of… one single share. Haha. Crazy shit. Jeff Bezos seems to be doing a really good job. So after a thorough risk evaluation I purchased that one share at the point when stock markets practically already recovered to their pre-Corona levels. But, ok. I mean, c’mon. What could possibly go wrong?

The very moment I bought this one share, it went down 54 euros. What?? How? Why? No idea. All this time it was just going up, up, up… Immediately after I got the email confirmation that the order has been processed I lost 54 euros. What a start, ha? BTW, Amazon 52w low was at ca. 1.440 euros. I wish I was ready at that moment. But I wasn’t. ☺️

And the story doesn’t end there! Me being the “great investor” – I totally chickened out. “Oh, man. What if I loose the money?” Even though I’m not actively watching the news, I couldn’t help but notice that media was all about the “worst economic crisis since the great depression” and “second wave is imminent” and “we don’t know how long this is going to last” and what not… Therefore, in attempt to save my hard earned money, I sold the bloody share as soon as it went back up (I even “earned” 19 euros after taxes). Haha. Risk 2000+ euros to get 19 euros in return. Dunno. Is that good? You tell me.

Full disclosure: I bought the bloody share again. This time at a much higher price. Why? Because the moment I sold it last time, the whole fcukin’ stock market went nuts about Amazon and share price surged to new heights in a matter of days.

Now, I’m sure you can guess without a hint where the stock price is currently at. Heh… Never mind. I’ll just wait for it to go back up and then I’ll probably sell it again. Or perhaps, you know, as my colleague investor Warren Buffett says: “hold the stock forever”… We’ll see… 😀

Papa’s got a brand new… Trike

What? Yep, that’s right – as of today, I’m a proud owner of a trike. The real thing, metallic grey with black details, rear suspension and a super comfortable seat and a heavy duty luggage rack and polished fenders and… wooohoo!

This was a typical semi-impulse purchase. I was toying with the idea of owning one of these for a long time now, but I never found a good enough justification for shelling out so much money (new trikes cost upwards of 2500 EUR, without any fancy extras such as fenders or parking brakes). This time I somehow managed to trick myself into believing that I definitely need one of these and now that I found it – I had to have it.

Now, if you’ve imagined one of those super-dooper Can-Am Spyder roadster bikes… well, you’re close. Only, it’s not a “Spyder” it’s a “Scorpion”. HP Velotechnik Scorpion, to be exact. My trike is pre-owned and already somewhat old-ish, but in a very good condition and all set up and ready to fly…

HP Velotechnik Scorpion
HP Velotechnik Scorpion 20″

I immediately went to have it registered with the police. You know, for the peace of mind. It’s a service that Berliner Polizei offers for free. All they need is your full name, date and place of birth and the frame number. Fill out the form and this data is then put in some sort of central police computer, “in case your bike gets lost”, as the policeman said. “Or found”. Uh. I sure hope my trike doesn’t get “lost” in the first place…

I got the trike from a guy who lives in a quiet side street in the borough of Freidrichshain, near the famous and busy Warschauer Str. Of course, I took it for a test drive and made a few rounds before purchase. And when it was finally mine, I sat there, in that comfy seat, touching the fenders, the handlebars, feeling the seat mesh, like a child. Definition of happiness (or at least of the impuls-purchase consumer type of happiness).

And then I pedaled away. Slowly. Enjoying the ride on this beautiful sunny day in Berlin. Summer breeze playing with my hair, everything feels like a dream. I mean, just try to imagine – you’re lying totally relaxed in a recumbent seat, but still moving forward. Crazy…

After a few hundred meters I reached the junction. The next street was quite a bit busier. I looked left, right, all clear. A tram was approaching from the right, but he was slow and still far away. So I sticked out my left arm to let everybody know I’m turning in that direction and pushed on the pedals. Wroooom!

Yeah, right. Wroooom my ass. The moment I turned into the street, I realized that the wheel spacing between the two front wheels is almost as wide as the tram rails. What the fcuk am I going to do now? “I’ll get stuck. With those thin wheels? For sure. I’ll get stuck. I know it. I already see it coming.”

“Ok, dude”, I said to myself. “Take it easy”. “Just relax and do your best not to get stuck in the tram rails…” Summer breeze instanly disappeared as I was carefully trying to pedal between the rails. Fcuk summer breeze anyway. “I should have waited for the tram to pass before turning into this street.” Uh. I looked back to see if the tram was approaching and when I saw the huge yellow monster right behind me I panicked. And then my left wheel got stuck in the rails. I tried to brake but that did not work out too good. Fcuk the brake, too.

I then literally stood up from the trike in the middle of the street, trying to get the wheel out of the rail track. Not sure if the tram driver was trying to be friendly or perhaps wanted to help, but when he rang his bell, I exploded. Bam. Fcuk this beautiful summer day and fcuk Friedrichshein and tram rails and impatient me for not waiting for the tram to pass… Yes. And fcuk trams.

But ok… I quickly pulled myself together, gently took out the wheel from the rail while that huge tram was standing less than two meters behind me. I put the wheel back on the asphalt and sloooowly reached Warschauer Str. going in a zig-zag motion across the rails, taking care not to get stuck again. Warschauer Str. has a wide bicycle lane all the way, so I really enjoyed the rest of the ride from Friedrichshein back to my place. You know, summer breeze and all…

And that was the very first trike ride in my very first own trike. Next goal (for the weekend): a somewhat longer “tour”; visiting friends who live just outside of Berlin (22 km)…

Stay tuned, I’ll let you know how that went!

Free thought got killed by…

…the virus. And all it took was just a few weeks. Incredible. The moment you mention to anyone that you feel awkward about the current situation (I’m not saying which situation, but… you know… WHO knows), you risk being classified as a heretic. Or perhaps a lunatic.

Blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see…

So many people are going crazy right now, getting hysterical. Wearing masks, keeping distance from their neighbours, from their friends, their loved ones, from the passers by… but the most tragic of all – so many people seem to be keeping distance from their own mind. From their own thoughts. And all of this is happening to such extent that it hurts.

It’s amazing that “1984“, “Brave new world“, “Fahrenheit 451“, “Animal farm” have all been written long ago. And now that dystopian society is no longer in the distant future but happening right here, right now – people don’t seem to realize…

Crazy shit. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do wear the mask and I’m keeping distance and I’ll also obey any other directive that is imposed upon us. But… may I at least have my opinion on the topic? No? “Computer says no”?

Even people I totally respected and for whom I thought were free spirits and thinkers are just parroting the official narrative. How crazy is that? Hello, folks! Wake up! Heehey!

Duh. I guess it’s useless. Followers aren’t thinkers…

The worst of all – the moment you dare to challenge the topic – you instantly become a conspiracy theorist. This is probably as sad as it gets. Snap your fingers “snap!” and there you go – you’re “one of them”. Haha. It would have been really funny if it weren’t so tragic.

On the second thought – perhaps the saddest of all is the fact that the free thought has been killed in a matter of days… Yep. That must be the saddest part…

But, ok, if that’s what the world decided to be, let’s just carry on and whistle… “blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see…” 🎼

A few random thoughts of a sugar-free and gluten-free semi-vegan

If you try to eat only plant based food and reduce sugar and flour all at the same time – your’re doomed. As a (semi-)vegan I don’t consume dairy products anyway and since ca. one week I stopped eating sugar and bread/pastry and… it’s hard. The hardest part is finding products without added sugar.

Sugar is everywhere. Literally, they add it to all kinds of products. Even where you’d least expect it. Try for example to buy a can of peas. Just standard (pre-cooked) green peas. Ingredients: peas, water, sugar, salt. WTF? Ok, I understand, sugar is cheap. Salt is cheap, too. But WTF anyway?

I was so happy when I found cornichons in a jar which have “only“ 4,2% sugar per 100g. Why was I so happy? Well because I love eating them but regular cornichons in a jar contain anywhere between 7% and 14% sugar (honey cornichons). Oh, man. Those are mini gherkin cucumbers, they should contain +/- 0% sugar. And not compete with Coca Cola…

And in addition, it’s a mistery to me how real vegans get enough protein? My muscles are literally melting. Today I ate 500g of kidney beans and a full bowl of soaked chia seeds in order to try and help my muscles recover a bit. But still I feel that’s not enough. I currently weigh 100 kg, therefore I need 70-200g of protein per day. I abandoned the idea with 200g of protein per day already long ago. It’s just not realistic… So I’m trying to get at least 0,7 g per kg of body weight (which in my case means 70g of protein). And even that seems like mission impossible. That’s why I do eat an egg or two from time to time. I know, consuming eggs is not very vegan. That’s where my semi-veganism comes really handy. 😊

5th day without sugar

Again I’m tying to quit eating sweets…

Yesterday I found my diary from 2016 and guess what: I’m trying to get rid of this horrible sugar addiction for years now. It’s all logged it in that diary.

Apparently, I do manage to motivate myself to start changing this stupid habbit but I fail before the addiction is completely gone, so each time I relapse and start eating sugary food again.

The worst of all – it’s totally clear to me that eating sweets is bad for my teeth, I’m aware that I’m overweight as a direct consequence of sugar consumption and in the long run, cancer cells love sugar and I definitely don’t want to be diagnosed with cancer…

This time I’m trying to quit with a help od hypnosis (self hypnosis/ Youtube video). I really hope it will help change my diet for good. So far I’ve been sugar free for five consecutive days already, so… whooho! 👍😀

Adding a good deed to my “Karma account“

Today I went to see the dentist because my beautiful, super expensive full ceramic crown broke in two. Oh, man. But, never mind. That’s life. I’ll get a new one. My mother always says: “problems that you can solve with just a handful of money are in fact no real problems”.

On my way back from the dentist, just a few blocks down the street, I witnessed the following scene: a delivery guy left some big and heavy looking boxes on a pallet right in front of the house entrance where a young woman stood and shook her head in dispair: “how am I going to carry this upstairs, mister?” But mister delivery guy didn’t say a word. Shoulder shrug was his only gesture which signalized that he understands the situation.

I was passing by exactly at the moment when the young lady started getting really upset. So I went back a few steps and asked her: “can I help you carry those boxes upstairs?” And she reacted as if she couldn’t believe her ears: “would you? Really?” Of course woman, otherwise I wouldn’t have offered my help… So we carried the boxes upstairs and when we finished she said: “thank you! Thank you so much! How can I repay you?”

And I thought to myself: “you already did, my dear. You gave me the opportunity to add a good deed to my Karma account.”

The power of giving is so strong. Being in the position to help someone feels so good…

Being a father and writing micro blog posts

I feel that, as a father, I’m somewhere between the father figures as presented in the movies “Captain Fantastic” and “The Glass Castle” (only I’m the opposite of an alcoholic)… oh, yes and Brad from “Brad’s Status”. And perhaps a touch of Kevin Spacey in “American Beauty” (only, I’m totally not into smoking pot and falling in love with teenage girls). And if the protagonist of the movie “Into the Wild” had kids – that be me, too. A mixture of all of those…


And… This is the first in series of my super short micro-blog posts. Since I’m not an English native speaker, writing long blog posts always takes much more time than I can currently afford. So I decided to write these micro-posts. Like tweets, only published on the blog. 😀 By doing so, at least my thought of the day gets logged. Otherwise, I’d be postponing and postponing and in the end never get to actually sit down and write and publish all those wild thoughts that are currently flying around my head or write about stuff that’s going on in my life…

Becoming a semi-vegan

Yes. It sounds silly. Semi-vegan. That’s almost like being half-pregnant. Like joining the NoFap movement but still fapping from time to time. But believe me, it works. Nah, I don’t mean fapping. Semi-veganism works! Look, adopting a plant based diet is a big step in any person’s life and I consider it a part of my life changing, self improving, personal developing, world saving, truth seeking process. It’s in the ranks of those big moments in life such as quitting smoking, starting a new relationship, finally writing a good blog post after a really long time, etc…

I’ll be honest with you – the whole point of becoming a semi-vegan is to postpone becoming a 100% vegan indefinitely. Why? Let’s keep this a secret between us, okay? Because this way you get to enjoy the best of both worlds! You get to eat plant based food as well as meat, while still being conscious about the issues of the industrialised farming. The best of all – you can claim already now that you’re vegan. Hihi. How cool is that, ha? You just cannot say “I’m vegan” because that would be a lie. Therefore “semi-vegan”. Because, the moment you become a full-fledged vegan, you’re not allowed to eat animal products anymore. Of course, everybody knows that. This is just to illustrate how ingenious this plan is… 😊

Let’s imagine becoming a real vegan instead of a semi-vegan. I mean, just imagine the following scenario: you’re being offered a piece of a juicy steak or a nice cheeseburger and you’re saying: “Sorry, I’m vegan. I don’t eat meat.” You raise your hands in front of you, as if you’re defending yourself and those poor animals : “Sorry, I’m vegan. I don’t eat meat.” Ok, for them poor animals on the plate it’s a bit too late but you might be saving the coming generations!

And this becomes your mantra: “Sorry, I’m vegan. I don’t eat meat”. And you totally don’t give a fook if people give you the weird look. You just keep repeating your mantra: “Sorry, I’m vegan. I don’t eat meat”. Just BTW, as a semi-vegan, if you say this mantra, you have to say it as if you actually mean it. Otherwise real vegans will see through your semi-veganism. And they usually don’t tolerate non-vegan style of life. Vegan veterans are like detectives, they can’t be easily fooled: “So you say you had that hot-and-sour soup the other day?” Uhm. “And those sesame bars? Don’t they make them with honey? You did remember to check the list of ingredients, didn’t you?”

Luckily, the food industry has been taking care of us health-conscious vegans and semi-vegans lately, by substituting real honey with glucose syrup. Thank you, food industry. You’re making our lives so much easier! And you’re keeping food prices stable, despite the inflation. Thank you, thank you!

Afterwards, when you feel ready – you can take your mantra to the next level: “I’m vegan. I don’t eat meat.” Notice how you’re not ‘sorry’ anymore for being a vegan. You’re breaking out from your ‘I’m-not-sure-about-this’ role and standing proud in front of the world: “I’m vegan. I don’t eat meat.” Before you know it, you’ll have the guts to stand up in the middle of a restaurant or at a dinner party and proudly announce: “I’m vegan. I don’t eat meat.”. Of course, this period of coming out as a vegan will last only until you have no more non-vegan friends and you notice that you’re not being invited to parties as much anymore.

In the final step, the mantra changes to: “I’m vegan. You should be, too!”. At this stage it becomes a part of your life purpose to educate the world about the suffering of animals and industrialised factory farms where hens are forced to lay eggs and a heavy burden is imposed upon bees to fly out and produce more and more honey… And if people don’t listen to what you’re saying, simply start being cynical and start making condescending remarks until they feel really bad. Because, animal well being is important. And vegans need to make sure that everyone understands this.

But hey, all of the above would just be an issue for those who wish to become real vegan. Semi-vegan don’t have such problems. Therefore… 😊

Be semi-vegan, my friend.*





* sorry, Bruce.

Travelling from Bangkok to George Town (May 2019)

Now that nobody is travelling because of the stupid Covid-19 virus pandemic, I decided to finally deliver on my promise and write about travelling from Bangkok to George Town. So, here we go…

For those of you who don’t feel like reading the whole blog post, here’s the summary:

There is a comfortable and relatively inexpensive overnight sleeper train service from Bangkok to Padang Besar. At Padang Besar station you cross the Thailand – Malaysia border and catch the regular KTM commuter service to Butterworth on the Malaysian side. From there, board the ferry to George Town on the Penang Island and Bob’s your uncle. It’s really as easy as it gets.

And here’s the whole story…

From major travel forums across the Internet I understood that getting from Bangkok to George Town was relatively easy and not very expensive altogether. In all these forums you can also read how you don’t have to go crazy planing in advance and purchasing the train ticket online because this train service is rarely booked out. And I totally relied on this information…

I landed in Bangkok on May 15th, intending to to stay until May 20th. And the very first thing I did after checking in and leaving my backpack in the hostel was heading to the train station to purchase the ticket for that overnight train service for Monday, May 20th.

Hua Lamphong Direction Sign
Finding Hua Lamphong train station is easy. Just follow the signs…

Quickly reached Hua Lumphong train station, found the ticket booth, asked for the ticket and…

“Sorry sir, all booked out”. WTF? Why do such things always happen to me?
“Ok, ma’am, if 2nd class is booked out, I’ll take the 1st class ticket”. Me, a smartass. 😀
“Sir, this train service is fully booked”, she repeated. Duh…
“Ok, and how about one day earlier, May 19th?”
“You’re lucky, there is one last bed in the lower berth available on this train. Please enter your name” She turned the computer keyboard my way, so that I can type in my name.

After paying 960 baht (ca. 26 euro) I got a printed ticket with my name on it. Whoooha! Mission accomplished. But… this experience proved once again that we should never believe everything we read in Internet forums. 😀 So… while it is apparently true that you don’t have to plan too far ahead, buying a ticket for a specific date only five days in advance could be risky…

A short video of the Hua Lamphong train station main hall

On the day of the departure I arrived at the station almost one hour before departure (which was scheduled for 15:10 h). Honestly, the whole experience doesn’t differ much from taking a train in Germany or any other European country. The station itself is very orderly and clean.

My “Special Express Train No. 45” departs from platform 4.

Found the platform and boarded the train, which departed exactly on time. Shortly after departure, the steward came to ask me if I wanted to order anything from the on-board restaurant. I haven’t ordered anything as I was on my “one meal a day” diet and I had already eaten.

During the day, the cabin features regular seats:

Regular seats during the day…

Towards the evening, these seats are then converted into beds by the cabin attendant:

…turn into beds for the night.

I slept really good and in the morning when we reached Padang Besar Station (Thai), the cabin attendant came to ask me where I was travelling to. I said: “Butterworth”. He then said: “Please stay. Next stop. Padang Besar”.

Don’t get off at Padang Besar (Thai) if you’re going to Butteworth!

As in every station so far, all kinds of street vendors boarded the train and offered food, cold beverages, souvenirs, etc. Suddenly an older, apparently local guy, sat on the seat across me. He had no food, no drinks and no souvenirs to offer. “Change money?” he asked. And I thought: “Yeah, I should exchange a few euros to Malaysian ringit because I didn’t have any at all, but I’ll probably be able to get a better exchange rate on Padang Besar train station, when I get off the train.” He wasn’t pushy or anything but never the less I thanked him and didn’t exchange any money with him.

Salamat Datang to Malaysia.

When we arrived at the last stop – Malaysian side of Padang Besar, all the passengers hurried across the train platform and through the main hall, towards the immigration checkpoints. And I followed. First we queued up at the Thai border crossing to get an exit stamp and then queued again at the Malaysian checkpoint to get an entry stamp in our passports. And that went rather quickly.

After clearing the immigration everybody again hurried upstairs to get the train ticket for the KTM commuter train to Butterworth. I reached the ticket counter in no time, but surprise, surprise: cash only. Oh, man. The lady at the ticket counter was really nice and immediately told me that I can exchange money downstairs, in the immigration area.

So I ran downstairs to exchange money in order to buy the train ticket to Butterworth (11,40 RM / 2,6 euro). What I found there was not an official exchange office, but rather some woman who seemed to be just sitting there and doing business. The exchange rate was a bit worse than the exchange rate which the guy in the train offered, and when I pulled out a 10 euro note, she said: “20 euros minimum”. But that was ok. Because I didn’t have any alternative, anyway… 😀

By the way, KTM trains are super modern ‘bullet-type’ commuter trains. If I remember correctly, we reached Butterworth in less than two hours. Ferry terminal to George Town / Penang is located just across the train station and it’s really easy to find.

Just look for Terminal Feri…

It takes ca. 30 minutes to get from Butterworth to George Town by ferry and it costs only 1,20 RM (0,25 euro). And that’s it.

After 24 hours on the road finally I was at the destination: George Town, Penang Island. Yes, I hear you saying: “I would never…” but believe me – this was a very nice travel experience and I met some really nice people along the way (some of whom I even met again in Kuala Lumpur a few days later).

And in the end – what matters is the journey, not the destination. 😀

The (most) famous mural in George Town: “Little Children On A Bicycle”